Plasma Etch, Inc. expands FREE sample plasma cleaning


CARSON CITY, NV – Plasma Etch Inc, a leader in plasma innovation, recently expanded a free sample plasma cleaning program. The company is offering free plasma cleaning to any company, government agency, or university to demonstrate the abilities of their products.

Overnight shipping is available to customers in the United States, allowing next day processing in the customer’s own facility. “The free sample program allows potential customers to see the advantages of plasma for themselves,” say company representatives.

Plasma cleaning is popular on materials including glass, plastic, rubber, and even metal. By removing 100% of organic material, the company touts the ability to improve the strength of bonds.

The company is also able to modify the surface of a sample to improve its ability to be printed on. This allows printing on surfaces that are generally too glossy to allow printing without smearing.

Plasma is the most environmentally friendly way to clean and etch. There are no chemicals involved and no hazardous waste to dispose of.

If you have any questions or would like to send in a sample, visit the company’s website at:


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