PE-25 Low Cost Plasma Cleaner

The PE-25 from Plasma Etch, Inc. is a fully automated plasma cleaner with an incredibly low starting price. The system comes with many great features including PLC control, automatic process sequencing capabilities, and up to two gas channels. All timed events (pumpdown, plasma, gas stabilization and vent) can be easily programmed into the automatic sequence. The PLC keypad is used for operator entry, and one complete process recipe can be stored in memory for repeatable results. One button operation starts the process sequence.

The PE-25 has a 150W 50KHz RF power supply with continuously variable power capability and a 3.5″ x 7″ horizontal “direct contact” RF powered electrode with 2.5″ of chamber height clearance. As in all Plasma Etch, Inc. systems, direct RF contact (capacitive parallel plate) is used for uniform plasma generation.

This is the smallest, most affordable system available from Plasma Etch, Inc. making it perfect for small production facilities, research labs, universities, medical facilities, or any industry which needs a small-scale, cost-effective plasma treatment solution.

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