Plasma Etch Semicon West 2020 Update

Carson City, NV – In case you haven’t heard, Semicon West is going virtual for 2020. 

Plasma Etch Inc will be hosting their “Online Booth” on their website:

The website features a live chat feature to allow would-be show attendees (and anyone with an internet connection) to chat in real time. Visitors can schedule virtual meetings if they would like a personal system demonstration, similar to what’s been available in years past at the Semicon West show in San Francisco.

“The advantage to the virtual show is that we can demonstrate any of our systems via Skype or FaceTime…when we go to San Francisco, we can only bring a PE-25 and a Plasma Wand…” says Plasma Etch’s marketing team.

Company representatives will be online to answer questions about all of their products.

Plasma Etch builds affordable, entry level plasma systems, along with a full range of larger production systems.  Plasma Etch credits their success to their versatile and robust designs.  Each system features simple controls and easy to read indicators for monitoring the plasma processing sequence.

You can view all of Plasma Etch’s innovative products on their website:

About Plasma Etch:  Plasma Etch has been a leading manufacturer and industry innovator since 1980.  The company holds several patents for the invention, development and manufacturing of groundbreaking innovations, paving the way for plasma technology and the enhancement of quality manufacturing worldwide.  Plasma Etch specializes in plasma cleaning solutions of all sizes. Their products are industry proven and set the standard for reliability, speed and uniformity in plasma processing.

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