Check out our Video Plasma Cleaning Demo with the PE-25 Plasma Cleaner

Check out our latest video demonstration of the PE-25 plasma cleaner.

The informative video is just over a minute long yet outlines just how easy it is to clean or etch with a Plasma Etch system.

For more information about the PE-25 plasma cleaner, visit the PE-25 page on our website.

The PE-25 is our entry level, very affordable plasma cleaner. It’s a robust machine that is perfect for small production facilities, research labs, universities, or any industry needing a small-scale, affordable plasma solution.

The PE-25 excels at all types of cleaning and bonding.

All of our plasma cleaners and etchers are built in the USA at our factory in Carson City, Nevada.

This unit is the best value on a plasma cleaner you will find.

Plasma Cleaning Demo with the PE-25 Plasma Cleaner from Plasma Etch