Plasma Polymerization line of Plasma Systems Creates Water-Repellent Surfaces

The system uses liquid monomer vapors in plasma to deposit a thin layer of material to create a hydrophobic surface, which can be valuable before many subsequent manufacturing processes.

Plasma Etch’s polymerization line of plasma systems includes PE-100, PE-200 and BT-1 based machines. Each system includes heated-liquid monomer vapor delivery integrated into the gas delivery system, which is said to provide reliability and repeatability. The company says that the system control is handled by its automated software, which is designed to provide a seamless experience for the user.

According to the company, the systems perform all the functions of a standard plasma system, including cleaning, surface activation and etching. All polymerization series plasma systems feature 13.56 MHz plasma with automatic matching networks, which are said to help users lower their environmental footprint.

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