Introducing The Magna Series New Plasma PCB Etching System

MagnaPlasma Etch, Inc. is excited to introduce the all new Magna Series PCB Etching System. It is the first plasma etching systems used in the manufacturing production of PCBs that requires no CF4. Our patent pending system only uses 3-phase power and compressed air.  The new technology inside the Magna completely eliminates the need for CF4 gas which is presently used by PCB manufacturers plasma etching systems for desmear and etch back processing.

Magna is the next generation replacement for our time proven MK-II line of systems for desmear and etch back applications. As the results show, Magna sets new market standards in several key areas. Magna’s revolutionary technology provides faster etch times; lower operating cost, lower power usage, and incredible process uniformity not achievable using existing MK-II type technologies. Magna provides precision and uniform etching on both sides of panels simultaneously.

The Magna is a great choice benefiting both customers and our environment. Magna customers experience higher levels of uniformity and lower operating costs. The environment also benefits having less green house gases emitted into the atmosphere.

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