Cleaning without the chemicals: keeping manufacturing green.

Implementing Your Plasma Surface Modification Tools

Cleaning without chemicals is not only good for the environment, it’s also a very controlled and economical way to see consistent results in any product requiring cleaning. Generally used as part of the manufacturing process, plasma cleaning is performed before or during a step in the manufacturing process.

The same equipment you use to clean your finished or unfinished products can be used to etch away material and assist in the manufacturing process. Additionally, most plasma systems can also apply a plasma coating to rubber or plastic products; this prevents jams and sticking of products in the manufacturing process.

Like any new or improved manufacturing process, the key to a successful plasma surface treatment depends on many factors. Optimum performance may involve running test batches to determine what temperature, electrostatic shielding, vacuum level, gas distribution, R.F. power, and electrode configuration works best with your particular need. An oversight on any one of these parameters could mean a disastrous drop in system reliability, performance, and consistency.

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