Plasma Etch, Inc. Announces Handheld Atmospheric Plasma System

Carson City, NV – Plasma Etch Inc, a leader in plasma innovation, recently announced a handheld version of the company’s Atmospheric Plasma System.

The Atmospheric Plasma System is an “open air” or atmospheric system designed for industrial surface modification. Atmospheric plasma is often used before bonding, printing or coating to increase the strength of the bond between a product and glue or ink.

The handheld version of the Atmospheric Plasma System has a unique two-handed nozzle with dual triggers. The first trigger prepares the system for use, while the main trigger activates the plasma nozzle. This system allows hand treatment of large substrate surfaces in nearly any well ventilated environment. The unit features a 16’ cable between the power supply and the portable plasma nozzle.

With 1000 watts of power, this cleaning system was designed to quickly activate the surface of almost any material with the convenience of a handheld plasma nozzle. The system requires no input gas and is safe on conductive and non-conductive surfaces alike.

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